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About Blume Academy, Early Learning Centre Ashfield

The Blume Academy Journey

Blume Academy is a childcare centre created by a family of educators and designers with over 40 years of experience in the childcare space.

Throughout our lifelong journey we have always sought quality and excellence in the care and education of our children and the relationships we value with families and the community.

As a family operated centre, children are at the centre of all our decisions and we believe that the needs of our educators, families and children must drive our goal to always achieve our best.

Our Vision

To empower children with the confidence to achieve their potential in an ever changing world

Our Values

We support each child’s sense of belonging and safety by giving them the affection and care that they need throughout their formative years. We understand that building healthy connections with their educators and peers is the basis of lifelong positive relationships.
Quality & Excellence
Quality is at the forefront of all that we do. From the design of our spaces to the high standards of care and education that we provide, our focus is on quality and excellence. Our philosophy encourages children to always do their personal best and believe in themselves.
We value honesty, fairness and mutual respect. Every family and child at Blume has a voice. We take pride in acknowledging and appreciating each child’s uniqueness.
Love of learning
We believe in fostering a love of learning. When children feel they are progressing and achieving success in their learning , they become inspired to explore, participate, dream and imagine.
We understand that as children experience positive interactions with their peers and educators, they learn empathy, develop social skills and become active participants in their community.

The Blume Approach

Home Style Nutrition

To promote healthy relationships with food, an appetite for new tastes and a love of different cultures, our food program focuses on nutrition, participation and diversity. All meals are made with fresh quality local produce by our in-house chefs and are always in line with the National Dietary Guidelines.

Family Communication

As your second set of eyes, our carers will keep you informed of your child’s wellbeing through our family app. Updates with (very cute) photos, dietary information and children’s experiences keep you in the loop and help you better understand your child’s potential for growth.


The health and safety of your children is paramount to us, and we care for them as if they were our own. We rigorously and independently follow regulatory guidelines to ensure a safe environment where your child’s health and well-being needs are met. We are supported by a reliable network of health specialists such as dentists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists with whom we consult in collaboration with the families.

Premium Supplies

We always keep top-quality essentials on hand for your child, including gentle nappies and wipes, soft cots and bed linen, pure filtered water and Cancer Council approved 30+ sunscreen lotion.

Families and Community

To enhance your child’s experience at Blume, we partner with likeminded organisations such as Munch & Move (link to website), a program promoting healthy eating and physical activity through play-based learning, and the Cancer Council (link to website) to teach children about the importance of sun-safety. We actively support Ashfield Council through community initiatives for children, including sponsorship of local sports teams, the fire brigade and the police.

Educators and Teachers

The high-quality care and education offered at Blume comes from educators and teachers who are qualified, experienced and passionate about educating your children. Each of them is supported in ongoing professional development, keeping across the current pedagogy and educational resources. They understand how to uphold strong, longstanding educational principles whilst also embracing the shifts of modern educational systems.

Play/Class Rooms

Each room is designed to cater to the social and educational needs of each age group. The acquisition and development of key skills, including fine and gross motor, sensory, social and cognitive skills is central to creating learning spaces that encourage children to become confident individuals and independent learners.

Gardens, Natural Environment

The outdoor play spaces provide a stimulating and engaging environment, where children can interact, explore, discover, risk-take and connect with nature. The landscape is filled with natural materials, such as wood, stone, sand, water, mud, recycled materials, plants and native vegetation thoughtfully selected to encourage exploration and inquiry.

Safety & Security

Blume Academy is a modern purpose-built facility designed with a high level of security to ensure the safety of all children and families. Access to the building for families and visitors is restricted through an external foyer with childproof gates and a front door which is controlled by an intercom video system. Monitors near the phones ensure that visitors are screened before access is permitted. For extra security the building and the playrooms are monitored with CCTV, 24 hours a day.


As an inclusive childcare practice, we believe that all children are unique and have the potential to learn. Our educators, families and the wider community work in partnership to support access, inclusion and participation for every child in our care. We are welcoming to all children and families and celebrate each person’s uniqueness and individuality.


Our inquiry-based learning approach encourages your child’s curiosity. Every project starts with a question and develops into many more as answers are discovered. Together with our educators, children explore the connected nature of their world. Projects, programs and curriculum expose them to concepts of numeracy, literacy, STEM, communication, problem solving and decision-making. 

We also acknowledge the value of play as a means of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Through play children learn to manage their emotions and social interactions with peers and educators in an exploratory and fun context.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional owners of our land the Gadigal & Wangal people and pay respect to Elders, past, present and emerging.

Blume Educators

Maria Migliorino

Managing Director

Choosing your child’s first home away from home is a major decision for families. As the Managing Director of Blume, I have enjoyed 30 years of experience in education and childcare. My goal is to continue this journey leading an Exceeding centre of quality that is underpinned by strong ethics, integrity and respect for all. In an inclusive, fair and collaborative environment, we can all learn about our common humanity and enjoy the beauty that it brings to our lives and relationships. This is achieved with a strong professional team that values education and the power it has in effecting change and growth.

Jennifer Ayoub, Blume Academy, Early Learning Centre Ashfield

Jennifer Ayoub

Centre Director

I bring with me seventeen years of experience across various educational and care settings, spanning roles from Educator to Regional Operations Manager. I am a diligent and committed professional with extensive knowledge in managing Long Day Care Centres. My lifelong passion has been working with children and striving always to provide them a quality education and care experience. My work with colleagues and educators is based on respect and collaboration as a means to achieve our best for the children and their families. I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter at Blume Academy and look forward to working with both you and your children.

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